How A Real Estate Agent Increased Their Website Traffic By 489% In Two Months Using A Secret Method To Show Up In Google Searches

And they only had to spend around 23 minutes a day.

If you’re looking to get more leads from social media and your website while doing as little as work as possible.. Then you’re going to love to hearing how a local real estate agent (let’s call him John to keep his identity anonymous) did just that.

At first, John was relying on word of mouth but that wasn’t a reliable predictable way of getting new clients.

John even looked around to what other realtors were doing to generate more business. He saw that other realtors were:

Going door to door, sometimes 200 houses in a day, only to get 4 potential leads who have interest in buying or selling a home…

Spending hours and walking miles in the scorching heat or blistering cold ruining his clothes…

And when he wasn’t walking door to door, to get a broad he would do EDDM which means he was using an expensive printer for high-quality prints and his results were only as potent as his mailing list.

He was really good at keeping his costs low, keeping his direct mail cost at $0.37 a person

That means for every 1,000 people he sent mail to, he would pay $370 every time…

I know the numbers look grim, but if you take action as John did for his ten agents, you don’t have to accept them as they are, as you’re about to find out.

If you know what search engine optimization (SEO) is then you know it’s what makes you more visible in search engines (Google)…

I’ll try not to bore you with the details of how it works, but in a nutshell, Google looks at a few factors to decide which searches your website and content shows up for.

The two foundational factors are content and backlinks. Content includes the words and media on your website.

Backlinks are the number websites linking to your site and act as votes to Google as to the trustworthiness of your website.

John is very knowledgeable about the industry and the neighborhoods he serves, just like you are, so the content part of the SEO wasn’t an issue…

John’s issue was it was hard to come by related websites to link to his website and content because the other game in town who relates to his website is his competition and they’re not going to help him outrank them in Google searches.

His only options were to be to hire someone fulltime to reach out and promote his content to other websites with no guarantee that they will be successful.

Or you can practice blackhat SEO by creating fake websites that link back to your own site artificially, which could get you removed from Google searches altogether.

Pretty much you’re between a rock and a hard place…

Being a high integrity professional like yourself, John knew there had to be another option, a secret option.

Because John doesn’t accept having to force his hand to hire someone full-time or decide to be unethical with his SEO strategy, he was able to automate some amazing results.

The secret option he found made him grow his traffic by 489% in two months and 700% after a year!

Blog Social Rings - Realtors 1
No, it’s some blackhat (illegal) method where Google kicks you out of all searches in the real estate market. The truth is this factor is 100% fair game and it saves you time you could be spending with your clients.

I’m not sure about you but John’s time is valuable especially while trying to grow his client base and saving money on HARD manual labor.

When looking at John’s traffic increase, don’t you think that his leads and seminar attendees increased in similar fashion? You bet your ass they did! Here’s his secret…

The factor most SEO’s (and businesses) are overlooking is social signals.

Social signals are when you have an army of social media accounts with your brand and they all point to your website.

You’re probably saying “that’s great Joe but if I’m posting to all these social media accounts, how is this helping you save time?”

That’s John’s favorite part, with the system built for him, he only has to feed content to his website’s blog or YouTube channel then kick his feet up while the system automatically creates Google friendly posts on all his social media pages.

The secret to his success was a Blog Social Ring that takes his content and automatically pushes anything from their YouTube channel or Blog to 20 social media accounts.

To give you an idea of the amount of work their custom Blog Social Ring did for John…

John on average does about 13 posts a month between his blog and YouTube channel. His Blog Social Ring is posting to 20 different accounts for the past 12 months.

If you do the math (13 posts X 20 social accounts X 12 months) then you’ll see that his content was pushed 3,120 times in the past year.

Think about it, he is creating content around 3 times a week which took him an hour per post (likely less). So for 3 hours worth of work they are creating brand awareness in 60 different platforms.

You heard that right…

What would normally take 10 minutes to post per platform or 10 hours per week to do, John is able to use an extra 7 hours somewhere else to grow his client base.

The best part is he didn’t have to set up a single account himself or optimize it for SEO social signals because the Blog Social Ring took care of it.

I know you didn’t get into the real estate business to become a web developer or blogger. Hell, what you want to do sell some damn homes.

I’ll tell you more about Blog Social Rings but first we need to talk about who this isn’t for.

If you any of these describe you, STOP READING…

  • Lazy agents or agencies who do not post content on their website or YouTube Channel… Your car won’t run if you don’t feed it gas and your Blog Social Ring won’t run if you don’t feed it content.
  • Believe that you’re going to outrank major national players… Those behemoths are spending $10-$15k a month for an agency to improve their rankings. You will outrank and beat them for local searches using Blog Social Rings.
  • Agents or agencies that aren’t hungry for more business… You could get 1,000,000 visits a month but if you’re not hungry or want to take action then it won’t do you any good.

Alright, now that we got rid of the wannabe realtors and agencies let’s talk about how Blog Social Rings works and how it capitalizes on social footprint to improve rankings and traffic (leads).

The way Blog Social Rings works is we modify your existing social media accounts for maximum SEO value and we create additional social media accounts for you placing your business info in more places on the web.

It’s extremely important to make sure your accounts all have identical information because if it’s not done properly then Google may mistake some of the accounts as seperate businesses which could hurt your chances of ranking for the search terms you want.

After these accounts are created and optimized for you, we connect them to your website and YouTube Channel…

That means that your new social media accounts are constantly looking for new content on your website and YouTube channel waiting to share them with the world wide web without you doing any additional work.

Blog Social Rings optimizes each posting for maximum SEO value because just posting your content to your social accounts isn’t enough.

You have to structure the postings to make Google look at it AND to help them associate the post with your brand on the internet.

Don’t forget, all of this done for you, so all you have to do is provide us with a little bit of information and kick your feet up while you:

Here’s What Blog Social Rings Can Do For You:

Don’t forget, all of this done for you, so all you have to do is provide us with a little bit of information and kick your feet up while you:
  • Increase your chances of being ranked in Google without having to do any manual labor and having more time to develop a relationship with your clients.
  • Save hours worth of manual, tedious work by not having to create extra social media accounts for yourself or researching to discover lesser known, more powerful social media accounts
  • Effortlessly have your content posted to 20 different social media accounts with maximum SEO value while saving you approximately 7 hours weekly.
  • When you get your custom Blog Social Ring, we are with you every step of the way for the first 30 days to ensure nothing goes wrong and to fix anything that could go wrong.
  • Extremely easy to use – if you’re already creating content and listing postings on your site, you don’t have to do anything different. you don’t have to do anything different.
  • Save money and time by not hiring and managing a person or an agency to help you with your SEO and social media efforts.
  • Have your competition envious, scratching their head wondering how you outrank them in local searches and get more leads without the hard manual labor of door to door knocking or direct mail.
  • Create a brand that is recognized across the web and the neighborhoods you are selling homes in.
  • Get more leads because your content is appearing for local searches, especially your focus neighborhoods.

Here is what you’re also going to get if you act right now:

Blog Social Rings - Realtors 2

Content Marketing Rules For Realtors Ebook – $64 value

  • Learn how to write perfect content that will help your Google Rankings for local searches and users will want to read and share by using our blueprint.
  • Follow the checklist we use in-house to ensure you don’t miss opportunities in your content.
  • Create content that makes your competition look incompetent compared to you. 

Home Listing Template For Your Website – $63 value

  • Know how to format your listings on your website for maximum visibility.
  • This template has been tested by multiple other real estate agents and agencies
  • These templates are proven to help increase your rankings for local searches

Website Optimization For Realtors Ebook – $47 value

  • How to get to “spot 0” that ranks over the first spot in Google
  • What types of content to create to generate traffic
  • How to audit your own website
  • How to errors on your website
If you’re ready to get $771 dollars worth of Value and take advantage of an SEO Secret to crush your competition for $297, you’d better hurry!

As we said earlier, these custom Blog Social Rings take days to build and if we can’t keep up with demand we’ll have no choice but to raise the price of our Blog Social Ring system to slow down demand.

All you have to do take advantage of this offer is to click the red “Buy Now” button and fill in your credit card or PayPal information along with your email to get started.

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It’s no risk to you because we have a 14-day money back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund for any reason at all, no questions asked.

We’ll even let you keep the free Ebooks as a thank you for trying out a Blog Social Ring and giving us your honest feedback.

At the end of the day we want to see you be successful and one of the top agents or agencies in your neighborhood. Anyway we can help is what makes us happy.

Joe B