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Developed a strategy to create brand awareness through content and technical optimizations.

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The Client

Desi Fresh Foods is a family-owned company that sells authentic Indian Dahi in the United States. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients and making products that remind Indian Americans of their food “back home.”

The company also allows non-Indian consumers to taste some of India’s culture through its products.

The Raymundo Food Group approached us about expanding brand awareness of their Desi Fresh Foods products and driving traffic to their sweepstakes.

Desi fresh foods had two core questions they asked when it came to driving traffic to their sweepstakes: A) How do we create an SEO plan that is aligned with our “memories through food” branding and B) How do we leverage our partnership with Sanjeev Kapoor to drive more traffic.

The Plan

  • There was an enormous opportunity to create dedicated product pages that would send signals to Google about what products they produce.
  • We saw a lot of opportunities in search results to be featured by leveraging schema code.
  • Their products are staple ingredients to many Indian recipes, which created an opportunity to internally link to the product pages we were creating.
  • The challenge was that there are 100’s of Indian food bloggers, and we needed to stick out from the rest of the pack.
Consumer Package Goods SEO Case Study 3

What We Did

  • Website Structure – Before hiring us, we noticed that the company only had one product page on their site. We knew from our research and case studies that this was a problem because Google prefers sites with pages that focus on a single topic. So it didn’t take long before we were able to change things up by creating 15 new pages, each targeting specific keyword phrases so they would be more relevant in Google Searches.
  • Technical SEO – Google’s mobile-first indexing caused the company to have many technical errors. Their fixes were renaming images, speeding up the website with code and image optimizations, and optimizing page structure to provide more information to Google about their site.
  • Content Optimizations We had to take their existing blog content and optimize it for searches. We identified missing elements like ingredient lists and cooking methods that Google typically likes to list, so we added them. Then we did keyword research to see which recipes had the most search volume and created posts with high-quality photos of those dishes.
  • Internal Linking Internal linking was a big part of our plan. We needed an avenue to pass authority to their product pages, and we accomplished this through internal linking to our blog posts that earned backlinks and social shares.
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The Results


Website Traffic


Sweepstakes Submissions

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