Are you having trouble getting new leads from your blog efforts?

Are you not getting any leads from online because you’re part of the 5% who isn’t on the web?

Don’t worry about it because you’re alone.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases someone will make in their lifetime, so naturally, they want to work with someone they feel they can trust.

You need to find a way to build trust with a stranger and convey to them that you understand their needs.

It sounds like a daunting task but if you have the right strategy and mindset you’re going to be the model for others to try to replicate.

Know your customer

It’s only right we start with the foundation of your livelihood of what you do and consider the people.

Notice how I said people and not keywords. You never take a phone call from a keyword who’s wanting to buy a property.

It’s important that you really drill down on who your customer is personally.

Creating a customer persona can increase your conversion rate because you’re not targeting a “market” or a keyword.

A customer persona is where you create a customer profile of a person like you’re filling out their Facebook profile.

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Companies like Buffer are advocates of using personas as their north star to creating their content.

It’s important not to guess when doing this and base your persona off of facts you find through research.

To start your research look for forums that relate to the real estate market and home buying experience.

It’s easy to find these forums, go to Google and type in the search your product or service and add “forum” (with the speech marks) then pick the top 3-5 forums.

Look for at least three pain points, three things they like and finally three reasons why they won’t buy.

Also check reddit because there the users have already done the hard work for you by voting on the topic, saving you time on deciding if it’s an important topic or not.

You also want to use Google’s auto-suggest function capture phrases that your potential visitors are searching.

google search suggestion

For a more in-depth guide, Opti Monster provides a great process with templates.

Find creative ways to guest post for influencers

You’ve nailed down the person(s) you’re writing for but now you need to figure out where to post your content.

Of course, the number one spot you should be hosting your content is your website because that’s where your call to actions is to get visitors to become leads.

If you want to build trust with your real life personas then a great way is to guest post on an influencers site.

70% of millennials prefer product endorsements from non-celebrity bloggers.

According to NerdWallet, it is a priority to purchase a home by 82% of millennials.

It’s a good idea to get in front of the people who are prioritizing purchasing a home in the near future.

If you’re thinking, well no one in the real estate industry is accepting guest posts, don’t worry about it.

Follow Neil Patel’s lead by bridging the real estate market to other niches that can find your industry interesting.

He provides examples that relate to marketing but you can bridge to any type of niche, here are some ideas:

  • How a realtor coached their client in style to sell their home for 10% more than asking price.
  • How a realtor negotiated a home price below asking by utilizing social media.

These may be extreme examples but they get you into different niches that help you get in front of your persona.

An easy way to have guest posting opportunities to come to you is to sign up for BloggerLinkUp, where you’ll get an email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with opportunities to guest post.

If you’re hell-bent on guest blogging on a particular website, take the domain and place it into aherfs and see what their most popular content is.

Determine if you can bridge that topic with real estate and reach out to the site owner and say “Hey – I have a great blog post about XYZ that fits right in your niche and your readers would love!”

This shows you did your legwork and is a good signal you’re going to have quality content for them.

Create long-form content

I know I sound like a broken record but long-form content is always one of the best ways to create awareness of your brand and build trust with new visitors to your site.

Now that you’re an expert on your user’s gripes, likes, and reasons they won’t contact you, you can proactively create content around that to address or amplify those points.

When creating long-form content, it’s best to create content that is educational and informational.

We have been bombarded by advertisements and sales pitches so to have a piece that can be educational is a nice breath of fresh air that will build trust with visitors who could eventually become clients or refer you to a friend.

Long form content improves your ability to show up for long tail searches which increased traffic by 20% for the people WPBeginner.

Long tail keywords are searches that include 4+ words in the search.

Long tail keywords typically have lower search volumes but they make up for 70% of search traffic on the internet and are much easier to compete in.

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Imagine trying to rank for the keyword “homes in Troy” and how hard it would be to compete in that search.

Now imagine if you were targeting a long tail phrase like “best neighborhoods in troy for parents,” that would have much less competition and would be much easier to rank in the top ten searches.

Creating long-form content generates more long tail keyword opportunities and ultimately more traffic.

Know your content type options

Not everyone enjoys getting their information through reading. Images are like and shared more than 3x than any other media.

pasted image 0 3

The best part of using different mediums to communicate your content through a different medium is you can take a topic you’ve already created and repurpose it.

We are going to stick to three types of media that generate great opportunity to be shared and earn backlinks.


Infographics are graphics that combine statistics with imagery to make the complex or mundane topic more interesting and easily digested.

It’s not surprising the popularity of infographics because 65% of people are visual learners.

Not only are the majority of people visual learners, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster versus text.

There are few ways to go about deciding when to use infographics.

The first way is to go to your content and pick your most popular topics and repurpose them as infographics.

The reason you’re doing this is that it already shows that the content is warmly accepted by your searchers and popular among others enough to share it.

Take it a step further by turning it into an infographic to make it more shareable.

The second way to find infographic ideas is to go to your competition and find which of their posts are doing really well and has the most backlinks via ahrefs.

Create a great infographic that captures all the information from their post and make it more digestible.

Once you’ve done that use ahrefs again to find who has linked to the post and use BuzzSumo to find everyone who shared their content.

Now reach out to those people via email with a link to your infographic saying “I noticed you shared article XYZ. I have an infographic that is updated and digestible. I think your followers would love it.”

Now you don’t have to become a designer to make an infographic. You can hire someone from UpWork or if you’re on a budget, use Fiverr to get it at a fraction of the cost.

Last step you want to upload the infographic to your site and generate embed code for your website so you can make it easier for people to share and copy your infographic.

Now you’re ready to reap the 50 times the engagement rewards that infographics provide.


With internet speeds and broadband speeds improving over time, videos have become more popular than ever.

A survey done shows that 78% of people watch videos at least once a week.

54% of those watching branded videos click through to the brand’s website too.

Here’s how you can leverage videos when you’re in the real estate industry.

The first way is the easiest because it’s easily outsourced.

You find content for these videos with the same steps you used to find content for your infographics.

 This video does a great job of taking a complex topic and simplifying it for viewers to understand.

The second way to use video is to use a live video that has you in it to build trust.  

One way to use a live action is to have a video that tells your story and why you’re in the real estate industry.

 The key here is to be authentic and relatable so that the viewer feels a connection with you.

If you’re camera shy and you have clients who are not, a great way to incorporate a live-action video is to have your past clients give testimonials of their experience with you.

Be sure to make sure the video comes off authentic and to use these tips to create a great testimonial video that doesn’t seem staged or risk hurting the trust.

A recent study showed that video testimonials had the highest effective rating for content marketing by 89%.

Lastly, creating virtual tours of the homes you’re showing boosts great results and sets expectations for the viewer to motivate them to contact you about the listing.

For animated videos, you can go to UpWork or Fiverr again because the animator can independent of your location.

To do live professional videos you need someone local with equipment. The cheapest high-quality way to get this done is to reach out to local videography schools and ask if you can hire a student to do the project for you.

This live video cost me less than $500 but is part of the reason why I had so many social shares.



Quizzes are a form of interactive content and studies showed a higher level of deep learning when utilizing interactive content.

Chances are you’ve had an awkward aunt who is part of the average 1,900 social shares that took a quiz to determine which shoe she was.

pasted image 0

The reason why this works so well is that it feeds the ego and it has a personalized feeling to it.

Don’t believe the power of these quizzes? BuzzFeed has perfected the quiz and continue to use it.

Their quiz Which State You Should Actually Live In got 3.7 million shares.

buzzfeed quiz

How can you create a quiz that is “what city you should move to” or “what kind of a house are you?”

This will get traffic to your site and social shares from people who are thinking about moving or at least interested in homes.

If you’re using WordPress for your website then you’re in luck! Here’s a list of 20+ quiz plugins to help you create a quiz for your website.  


Real estate doesn’t have to be a boring topic and you don’t have to always be selling all the time to be successful in real estate on the web.

Make sure you start with the foundation of creating detailed personas of your customers that include details like age, sex, income, number children, and their children’s age.

You then want to start creating long-form content around the gripes, likes, and reasons for contacting you so they have content that is valuable to them.

You also want to sensor overload them with infographics, videos, and quizzes which encourages social sharing.

If you do these correctly, you’re going to be the realtor or brokerage that everyone else in their trails.

If you’ve tried different approaches then I’ve listed, tell me in the comments or ask me any questions, I’m happy to help.