If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Sounds great, but how does that translate to making you king of the castle on search engines relative to your competition?

Video has been on the rise since 2014, and there have not been any signs of it stopping. According to Insivia, 74% of online traffic will be video.

Here we are going to dive into how videos on your page impact your search engine factors and how to best utilize it.

on-page videos

You’ve written a great article, and you want to take it to the top by posting a video on the page. You’re thinking “this is for sure going to help my rankings!”

In the SEMRush report, they could not correlate on-page video with ranking results. Does that mean there’s no place for video on your website?

If you want to see all the benefits of having video content on your website, you can find all kinds of video statistics here. 

Not at all, and we think there is SEO value there but not in the way you would traditionally think. Let’s talk about how video can be of use to you in your SEO strategy.

SEO Ranking Factors Part 2: Videos 1

Video SEO

Some may not know this, but there is such a thing as video SEO. Have you ever searched Google and noticed that a video came up?

At JPDA, we love sneakers so on July 12th, 2017 we searched “shoe cleaner review“ and interesting enough, the number two result is a video.

SEO Ranking Factors Part 2: Videos 2

Have you ever met a proud parent that thinks their child is the smartest, best looking, and best-behaved child?

Well, Google is not much different from that parent because YouTube is part of their ecosystem of web platforms. Naturally, Google will favor its platform over other sites.

Being on one of Google’s platforms isn’t enough alone. We are going to use the first video in the results to show what they are doing right.

SEO Ranking Factors Part 2: Videos 3

First, we will look at the data and see what it tells us.

The stats show that this video only has 5,060 views, after nine days, four shares, and 80 comments.

To put these stats into perspective, Amazon, the number one spot, has 1.6 billion links, but this video can rank just below it and ranks above a website with 3.5k website links.

Video can be the great equalizer in terms of competing against giants because his website (notice the SSL certificate) would not show up in search engines because it only has 24 backlinks. The video stats are dwarfed by Amazon and number three spot, but yet he is still ranking.

The second part of his strategy that was done correctly but can be improved; he is linking to his website which can turn YouTube views into website visits.

You will notice though he links to many other areas that don’t relate to the video or website which can confuse his visitors on where to go or will cause them to not click any of the links.

We would advise they don’t place so many links in the description and guide his viewers to where his profits are made.

To put these stats into perspective, Amazon, the number one spot, has 1.6 billion links, but this video can rank just below it and ranks above a website with 3.5k website links.


Video will not help your site or blog article ranking in search engines, but it does have value.

As an on-page method of ranking video should not be part of your strategy but if you checked the video stats I linked to, then you will realize video is powerful in other ways like conversions.

The way to make video work for you in the SEO world is to utilize YouTube and then have others share, embed, like, and view your video.

Ensure that you have you have a clear call to action and link to your desired page so that viewers visit the page you want them to visit.

Case Study

SEO Ranking Factors Part 2: Videos 4

Today we will pick on the plumbing industry and on how this can be used. The picture above you will see the search term “how to stop drain leak, ” and the first result is a YouTube video.

When you view the video, you will find the uploader executed this perfectly. They have lots of comments, shares, and views.

Also in the in the description, they have a clear call to action of where they want the viewer to go. They likely receive a fee for every person who buys the Amazon product they sell.

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