633% increase in inbound leads from the website and 1,832 inbound phone calls from Google My Business for an insurance agency.


We eliminated their need to buy leads.

Signature Insurance - Case Study 1
Signature Insurance - Case Study 2

The Client

Signature Insurance is an independent insurance agency that specializes in selling auto and homeowners insurance in the state of Michigan.

They came to us because they were tired of calling on bought leads who had already been called on by other Agencies.

Signature Insurance prides itself in being helpful and not pushy – they didn’t want to come off as salesy on their website, they wanted to focus on getting more phone calls and leads organically through their website and Google My Business.

The Plan

  • Understand their target customer and where they live because certain policies cost more money to create than they make for them. We had to take the time to understand what cities surrounding their offices brought the best customers.
  • For website SEO, it was critical to rank their root website in multiple locations (cities surrounding their offices). This required a custom technical optimizations which they didn’t have at the time.
  • There was a large opportunity to optimize their Google My Business to extend it’s reach in the insurance niche which they were not leveraging.
Signature Insurance - Case Study 3

What We Did

  • Technical SEO – Built out custom landing pages for each city they needed a presence in with the proper URL structure to allow each to rank in a local market. Rebuilt the code on the location pages to include the proper schema markups as well as lightning-fast load times (for mobile users).
  • Content Optimizations – We did a deep dive into the factors for pages that ranked for local pages and executed these pages. This included the structure of the pages, reviews, hours of operation, NAP, and tripwires for leads.
  • Google My Business – We optimized their Google My Business and integrated it with their website along with other Google properties to expand their reach. Some of the activities were citation creation, GMB postings, leveraging YouTube, and more.
  • On-Page Local Signals – We optimized service pages to send local relevancy signals that Google could easily interpret allowing both the Google My Business and website to be prioritized in local searches.
Signature Insurance - Case Study 4
Signature Insurance - Case Study 5
Signature Insurance - Case Study 6

The Results


Inbound Lead Phone Calls


Website Inboud Leads


New Policies Written

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