Legal Practice: 325% increase in consultations

The client

Babi Legal is a private practice located in Farmington Hills Michigan who primarily focuses on Bankruptcy but also provides legal counsel in other areas like foreclosures, business law, and more.

Melvin came to us because he didn’t want to have to rely on Justia or for leads where other lawyers are competing.

It was important for Melvin to expand his reach beyond Farmington Hills where his office is located and into neighboring cities. He understood his level of service and expertise would encourage potential clients to visit him.

the plan

Find and uncover all the top lawyer listings websites to help drive credibility to their Google My Business Listing. The more listings that match the Google My Business the more likely it will give Google confidence to show it.
For website SEO, it was critical to rank their root website in multiple locations (cities surrounding their office). This required custom technical optimizations which they didn’t have at the time targeting strategic cities.
There was a large opportunity to optimize their Google My Business to extend its reach in the bankruptcy niche by redefining the categories and establishing a description optimized for what they did.

The Execution

Technical SEO

We built custom landing pages for each city they needed a presence in with the proper URL structure to allow them all to rank on Google, and rebuilt the code of their location pages so that people would see accurate information about what services are available near them. We also made sure it loads as fast as possible from any device!

Google My Business

We integrated their Google my business with both the website and other Google properties to expand their reach. Some of these activities include citation creation, GMB postings, leveraging YouTube, along with other strategies.

Content Optimizations

We did a deep dive into the factors for pages that ranked well in Google and executed these tactics. This included structuring our website with rich snippets, reviews on all of our content pages (including testimonials), hours of operation, NAP consistency across every page possible including phone numbers and social media links to give customers what they want when they need it most from the page.


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Inbound Lead Phone Calls

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New Cities Reached

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